About Us

The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon is a private, boutique, personal training studio focusing on one-on-one training in Portland, Oregon. What we specialize in is helping our clients get toned, lose inches, lose weight and feeling great about their health and wellness.


How are we different?

  1. We minimize the number of clients in the studio at one time to keep sessions personalized & private.
  2. Our personal trainers are professionals and well educated in their craft.
  3. We are private and by appointment only: There are no drop-ins and we are not a gym!
  4. We only do private one-on-one personal training, with a limited number of availability for semi-private personal training.  To keep sessions tailored to you, we do not offer group training.
  5. We offer our clients luxurious amenities:
    1. Amazing Customer Service
    2. Flexibility when scheduling
    3. Towel Service
    4. Free parking
    5. Private Showers
    6. Coffee/Tea
    7. Filtered Water
    8. Snacks when necessary
    9. Well ventilated and clean facility