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Hood to Coast 2014 | Portland Personal Trainer | Portland, Oregon

Posted On August 22nd, 2014

This is the weekend of the famous Hood to Coast relay running race here in the Pacific Northwest. They are going to be starting at Timberline Lodge Parking lot and running all the way to the coast non-stop. What is super cool is that are mini might super trainer, Jenny French, will be running it […]

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Beast Slastix Battle Rope | Stroops | Personal Trainer Portland

Posted On August 19th, 2014

We just got our 77 lb Beast Slastix Battle Rope by Stroops over the weekend and it is awesome. We were not sure where to put it because we did not want to anchor in an area that would get in the way while we were training other clients in our studio. What we ended […]

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Common Sports Injuries | Best Ways Rebuild Strength | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On August 7th, 2014

If you play sports, you know that injuries can occur without warning. Minor injuries result in pain and swelling, but severe injuries may require surgery and longer time in rehabilitation. Proper rehabilitation is not only important to get back to where you were before the injury occurred, but to train to be even better than […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | Recovery from an Injury| Portland, Oregon

Posted On August 4th, 2014

Whether a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply a bicycle commuter, an injury can totally derail your life.  A severe enough injury can keep a person from enjoying their life and living as they are accustomed to.  Equally frightening is the prospect of surgery, something that seems almost unavoidable with certain injuries.  Rehabilitation from […]

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Fresh Mango Salad | Portland Personal Trainer | Portland Oregon

Posted On July 10th, 2014

Portland Personal Trainer Peter Fuller’s Mom’s Mango Salad This refreshing, sweet, cool, tangy,and spicy if you dare. It’s summer time and hot in the Portland, Oregon. Prep time: 20 mins  Serves 3-5 salad 1-2 cloves garlic 1 table spoon maple syrup 2 table spoon cashews 4 cherry tomatoes 1 tablespoon fish sauce Juice 1 lime 1 table […]

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The Other Runners Workout | Portland, Oregon

Posted On June 15th, 2014

If you are looking for a runner’s workout here is a simple workout you can do. In addition, we want you to pay attention to runners, especially here in Portland, Oregon who solely just run and neglect all of the other muscles in the body.  You can tall that their chest muscles are really tight […]

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Proper Form | Biomechanics | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On June 8th, 2014

Form is important!  No matter what you are doing, be it deadlifting, squatting, lunging, running or playing mini-golf, it is important to have proper form and biomechanics.  Of course, it can be more important in certain exercises than in others – swimming is much more heavily reliant on proper form than running is – but […]

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Better, Faster, Stronger | Recovery Is Key

Posted On May 7th, 2014

Are you giving 100% to your workouts, but feeling like your progress has stalled? Before you decide you need to work harder, ask yourself if you are giving your body the recovery it needs. Fitness experts know the value of recovery for your body. When you don’t give your body a chance to rest and […]

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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon | Fiber| Food Intake | Nutrition

Posted On April 5th, 2014

Did you know that a Portland personal trainer, certified nutritionists and even famous chefs cannot give exact food plans to clients, customers or fans? In addition, this is the LAW! The reason being is that the only person that can give an exact food plan, diet or eating regimen is a Registered Dietitian who has […]

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Getting Back Into Training | Portland Personal Trainer | The First Two Weeks

Posted On March 18th, 2014

At our Portland personal trainer studio, when a brand new client comes to us with an end goal, one of our first conversations we have with them is that the initial two weeks are going to be a transitional period. Meaning, it is just like starting a new job, it is going to be uncomfortable, […]

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