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Why Are Pull-Ups So Hard | Body Weight Training | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On October 28th, 2014

Without question the most difficult basic body-weight exercise is the pull-up.  There is a reason that it is a benchmark of physical fitness for the military.  The reason pull-ups are so hard is because they are the truest body-weight exercise.  When you are performing a pull-up, you are legitimately pulling up your entire body weight, […]

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What is CORE Strength? | Keeping The CORE Tight

Posted On October 19th, 2014

Let’s get this out of the way first: what exactly is the CORE?  We always hear about people improving core strength and are constantly cued to keep our cores tight while performing exercises, but what does that actually mean?  Essentially, the “core” is a general name for the muscles around your abdomen and pelvis.  They […]

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The Benefit of Body-Weight | Resistance Training

Posted On October 15th, 2014

Body-weight exercising is probably the oldest form of resistance training, besides maybe lifting rocks or carrying dead animals home for food.  In fact, body-weight training is one of the most functional forms of resistance training.  After all, what is more functional than being able to lift or propel one’s body in any way that is […]

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Beast Slastix Battle Rope | Stroops | Personal Trainer Portland

Posted On August 19th, 2014

We just got our 77 lb Beast Slastix Battle Rope by Stroops over the weekend and it is awesome. We were not sure where to put it because we did not want to anchor in an area that would get in the way while we were training other clients in our studio. What we ended […]

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The Other Runners Workout | Portland, Oregon

Posted On June 15th, 2014

If you are looking for a runner’s workout here is a simple workout you can do. In addition, we want you to pay attention to runners, especially here in Portland, Oregon who solely just run and neglect all of the other muscles in the body.  You can tall that their chest muscles are really tight […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | The Advantages of Kettlebell Training | Key Training Components

Posted On February 23rd, 2014

The Advantages of Kettlebell Training Are you looking for a way to switch up your workout routine? Kettlebell training is a great way to incorporate new moves and burn extra calories. The human body adapts to movements easily so it is important to surprise your muscles with new exercises and challenges. There are many advantages […]

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Swimming Routine | Burn Massive Calories | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On February 14th, 2014

Swimming is an incredible, underrated and under utilized workout . Not only is it low impact and full body by nature, but it’s also great for stretching/lengthening the body and provides plenty of resistance training as you rip and pull through the water. And if done correctly, a real fat shredder , as you improve […]

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Football HITT Training | Part 2 | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On February 10th, 2014

HEY! Listen up all you football players…Most of you understand the importance of weight lifting for football but many don’t quite get the other half of the equation. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the key to completing your preparation for the season. Here are 5 Portland personal trainer HIIT training techniques that you can use to take your […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | HIIT For Football Players | Power & Aerobic

Posted On February 5th, 2014

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for Football Players High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a popular conditioning method. Please see our previous blog posts that describe HIIT in detail. But with Football you need a unique combination of both anaerobic and aerobic capabilities. At our Portland personal trainer studio, our personal trainers can […]

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Fat Burning | Agility Ladder Moves| Personal Trainer Portland

Posted On January 31st, 2014

Now that you’ve incorporated the Agility Ladder into your workouts, here’s some key tips and great moves for you to master that we actually use here at our personal trainer Portland Studio here in the Southeast Historic District location.  The key when using the Agility Ladder is to minimize the ground time with each foot […]

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