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Personal Trainer Portland: Losing Fat & Staying Fit in Portland

Posted On May 21st, 2012

When it comes to losing fat, staying fit and staying active in the near summer days in Portland, it all comes down to doing something every day that makes you break a sweat. A lot of individuals do not workout hard enough to perspire, but this is something that all of us should do. Just […]

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Personal Trainer Portland: Portland Fitness Tips to Burn Calories

Posted On May 13th, 2012

Keeping fit is a priority for many individuals nowadays and there is no disadvantage in wanting so. Who does not want to live longer and enjoy life better? Getting to it may not always have to make you sweat and spend extra money. You can burn calories as easy as dreaming if you only try. […]

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Personal Trainer Portland: Portland Group Fitness Training

Posted On May 8th, 2012

1. It is cheaper than a personal trainer but with the same results Economically speaking, group personal training is a catch. Between working out alone and getting an individual coach, this method is best because it is affordable. The cost of the trainer is divided equally within the group and so, the higher the number, […]

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Personal Trainer Portland: Good Exercise Habits As A Kid

Posted On April 29th, 2012

The society today is plagued with various diseases that are linked with poor nutrition and health. As the world became modern, so did how people manage and live their lives. More and more people stay up late, eat at fast food chains and spend more hours glued to either TV or computers. No wonder many […]

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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Why Aerobic Fitness Is Important

Posted On April 24th, 2012

Do you easily get tired? Or you always catch your breath even in walking a few meters? Well, you need to work on one thing- your cardiovascular system. Aside from food and shelter, air is an essential component for you to live. In your everyday activities, you need to inhale oxygen for you to perform […]

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Portland Fitness Trainer: Importance of a Fitness Coach

Posted On April 23rd, 2012

Importance of a Portland Fitness Trainer   When you commit yourself into serious diet, training and workouts to attain a physically fit body, you might be thinking that you can do all of these alone. Partly, you are correct because your diet plan will rely on you alone and some of the training and workouts […]

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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Exercise Helps With Sleeping

Posted On April 20th, 2012

Are you experiencing trouble having a deep and relaxing sleep? Or you are diagnosed as insomniac and you are only relying on medicinal drugs like sleeping pills just to have normal sleep? You might want to check this new method that is proven to enhance your sleep at night- exercise. Medical researchers are already advising […]

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Portland Personal Trainer: Losing Fat, Hybrid Workouts, Staying In Shape

Posted On April 17th, 2012

The warmer weather is approaching us in Portland, Oregon and the rest of the United States. Even though we are getting some more rain and cooler weather, we are also getting are fair share of sunny days too. This means that we need to step up our workouts both in the gym and outdoors. I […]

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Personal Trainer Portland Fitness Tips

Posted On April 12th, 2012

If you feel like you are consistently up against wall when it comes to getting results in the gym, outside or in your home, you are not alone. A vast majority of novice to advanced fitness enthusiast all go through the same feeling of reaching training plateaus. The trick is being able to distinguish when […]

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Personal Trainer Portland: Fat Loss Expert

Posted On April 12th, 2012

When living in Portland, Oregon the opportunity to eat amazing food is everywhere, because this city is known for their great food, excellent beer, and some of the best mixologists in the country.  If you love to eat, which most of us do, then having a goal to lose weight, reduce your body fat, or […]

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