Fitness at Companies | Portland, Oregon


What are we doing?

We are providing corporate group fitness classes to businesses here in Portland, Oregon for their staff & senior management. We provide all the equipment, including mats & towels and provide each company with 1-3 personal trainers who are educated, credentialed and extremely experienced in the personal training and fitness industry.


Why did we start this?

At our private studio, we train a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs and they approached us about coming to their businesses to train their employees in order to build team spirit and camaraderie. We thought if these specific individuals want this for their company, how many more would benefit from this.


Why Now?


We noticed that Portland, Oregon is in a huge growth mode and a lot of individuals are moving from New York, Denver, Austin, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, and they are used to having extra perks from their employers. This was validated when the companies that we are working with, and in talks to bring on as new clients, let us know that they are already offering full benefits, 401K, etc., but in order to attract and retain great talent, having extra perks like the one we are offering, is just an added bonus.


What Are the Clients Saying?

shutterstock_1713088734The main response we are getting from our clients who own these businesses is that the success of their company comes down to their core, which is having healthy, happy and productive employees. Without a strong staff, the company won’t last long. In addition, they notice that the employees are talking about the workouts with other colleagues and in one specific case, a client called us to let us know that a few of their employees have started a lunch walking program in order to get more exercise in throughout the day, which is Awesome. The owner was so ecstatic, because just seeing and hearing that, was worth more than anything.



Corporate Package


Package # of Part​icipants # of Trainers $/Class 8-Classes
Small 1-10 1 $174 $1,392
Medium 11-15 2 $280 $2,240
Large 16-20 2-3 $360 $2,880