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Liz and Kisar Bio PictureOwners: Kisar & Liz Dhillon

The Art of Personal Training was founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon and is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Kisar and Liz Dhillon.

Kisar Dhillon has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 20 years and manages the day to day operations of their private personal training studio in Southeast Portland. His main responsibilities are marketing, customer service and making sure their personal training team has all the tools necessary to make a positive impact with each and every client.

Liz Dhillon has been in the financial world for 15 years and she works behind the scenes. She is responsible for all of all the financial and accounting aspects of their small business.

Both Kisar and Liz work as a team to ensure that both their employees and personal training clients are well taken care of and happy with the business they have created here in Portland, Oregon.

Thank You,

Kisar S. Dhillon


Adam Richards | Personal Trainer

Adam Richards –  Personal Trainer -BS, Exercise Physiology

My name is Adam Richards and I am super excited to be part of The Art of Personal Training here in Portland, Oregon. I am a ACE certified personal trainer (American Council of Exercise), TRX coach, CPR/AED certified and have extensive knowledge  in resistance training and the science of how our bodies respond under exercise conditions (exercise physiology).  For the past 6 years, I have been involved in fitness throughout Northern California, which is where I fell in love with the greater outdoors and pushing my fitness to new levels. I have held roles as a recreation specialist site director, climbing staff coach, sprints & hurdles coach, and also a recreation facility manager for the City of Roseville Parks and Recreation.  By holding positions that create movement throughout the day for me, I wanted to further my education in this area of study, so I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from Cal State Chico (Chico, California).  My mission is to listen and learn how I can help you achieve your health & fitness goals. If you are novice just starting out on this fitness journey or a veteran exercise enthusiast wanting to take your fitness to a new level, I am here to help you in every way I can. We work as a team here at The Art of Personal Training and all of us help each other out when it comes to our clients. So, if I cannot answer your question, I know one of my colleagues can or we will find the answer for you. I look forward to working with you.

Thank You,
Adam Richards


Peter Fuller | Head Personal Trainer

Peter Fuller | Lead Personal Trainer

Peter Fuller – Lead Personal Trainer Trainer-MS, Athletic Trainer & Rehab Coach

My name is Peter Fuller and I have been involved with fitness and athletics ever since I can remember. I have been working as a personal trainer for the past four years and I have coached soccer teams for over 15 years. My background is in rehabilitating athletes as well as client’s pre and post-surgery. In addition, I have also trained college athletes and professional soccer players. Knowing that fitness and exercise is my passion, I decided to take the next step and direct my college studies towards this.  I received my M.S. Kinesiology with and emphasis in Exercise Science, and my B.S. Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training. In addition, I hold the ACE Personal Trainer Certification, USA weightlifting club coach certification, TRX credential and I am certified in CPR/AED. Whether you are post-rehab, training for your next soccer or sports match, or need help losing weight and getting toned,I will do my best to get you to that next level in a safe and efficient manner.

Thank You,
Peter Fuller




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Thomas W. | Personal Trainer


Thomas Waterman – Fitness Director/Certified Personal Trainer-BS

My name is Thomas Waterman and I have been a professional personal trainer for over 10 years. I started my career in the Northeast part of the United States while achieving my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management from Mount Ida College in Massachusetts. My passion for fitness and athletics has been a huge part of my life, so when I was accepted to join an internship at Northeastern University in 2007 as a strength and conditioning coach, this pretty much sealed the deal for me wanting to pursue a career in fitness. Even though I was around amazing athletes in my earlier years, this gave me a great foundation for training individuals who may have chronic injuries or needed rehabilitation, and working in a professional setting with athletes, I learned from the best doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists on ways to work around those issues, and still create great results for an individual. I wanted to further my education, so I pursued my personal trainer certification with NESTA, Kettlebell training, TRX and an FMS (Functional Movement Systems) certification in my career. By utilizing my college education, the experience with athletes and working for the top fitness clubs in Boston, this has laid a great foundation for me to share my knowledge with my clients. I look forward to working with you.

Thank You,
Thomas Waterman


Rafael Camargo – Certified Personal Trainer – MS

Rafa Camargo | Personal Trainer

My name is Rafael Camargo (Rafa) and I have been in the health & fitness industry for 14-years. I am originally from Brazil, where I was introduced to exercise and fitness at 8 years old as a competitive swimmer. When I was 18, I knew that I wanted to stay in fitness, so I started working at the local gym. In Brazil, if you want to a personal trainer, you need a college degree, so I got my BS in Kinesiology and my MS degree in Biomechanics. During my 14 years of being a personal trainer, I carry 14 different certifications including TRX, Yoga, Pilates and Athletic Training. During this time of getting my education and going through the certifications processes, I developed my style, which is a combination of focusing on my client’s goals, but also adding into their program, functional movement development (day to day fitness). In addition, I have worked at some of the most prestigious health clubs in Sao Paulo and moved up into a career in management, which prompted me to learn English as soon as possible. To further my education and learn English, in 2011, I moved to San Diego, California. While being there, that is where I met my wife. We have been in the Pacific Northwest for two years now and since we have two children, the entire family loves the outdoors. We enjoy kayaking, camping, rock climbing and the list goes on. I feel that I am lucky to be in an area that has so much outside beauty, but places to go and be active. I love helping people change their lives for the better, and I am excited to be part of The Art of Personal Training’s team. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank You,
Rafa (hafa)