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Cardio vs. Weightlifting — Which One Is More Beneficial?

Posted On April 13th, 2017

Since long, a raging debate has been going on between cardio and weightlifting. Previously, the answer to every query regarding weight loss was cardio. However, latest science ends all doubtsby declaring a clear winner. Before that, let’s have a look at the positive and negative sides of both. Cardio Pros — • Various low-intensity workouts […]

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Stairmonsters | Stairclimbers | Awesome Cardio Workout

Posted On November 24th, 2016

There was an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal this week about the Step Mill cardio machines that are manufactured by Life Fitness. It is sort of funny that these pieces of equipment are now becoming the favorites, when the last 15 years, nobody would even attempt them. It was a secret cardio machine that people […]

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Is Cardio great for Weight Loss?

Posted On September 19th, 2016

  Is cardio great for weight loss? The better question to ask, is what type of exercise or fitness routine is best for weight loss, and is a nutrition program combined with exercise going to get you to your goal? There are a lot of great fitness routines and programming out there that can help with weight […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | How Intense Should Cardio Be?

Posted On October 5th, 2013

The question is always posed: How intense should someone’s cardio workouts be. The easiest answer is that they should be challenging enough that you cannot have a full conversation with someone. You should not be able to read a book, text on your phone, answer your phone, check and reply back to emails or have […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | When to Increase the Cardio Intensity

Posted On January 24th, 2012

When your diet is going well and your resistance training is starting to show results, then lets look at the cardio component. In my last post I said you need to do weights to incresae your lean body mass, decrease body fat percentage and boost your metabolism. All that is very true, but when you […]

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Portland Fitness | Cardio Alone | Won’t Get You In Shape

Posted On January 13th, 2012

If you are a cardio queen or king, just doing cardio alone won’t get you in shape. Yes, it will get you to lose weight, but when you accomplish that, then what are you supposed to do with all that loose skin. If you want to do it right, you might as well do it […]

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Personal Trainer Portland | Light Cardio Before and After

Posted On December 15th, 2011

I have been getting a lot of questions about doing a light cardio before and after working out and the answer I give is, Yes! I think doing a small walk on the treadmill or around the area you are going to be exercising is a great way to wake up the body and let […]

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Professional Oregon Trainer Kisar| Importance of a Cool Down

Posted On November 22nd, 2011

Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a challenging cardio workout is to do a cool-down, but it is extremely important. For example, if you are doing the stair climber the legs are demanding a lot of blood and oxygen to keep up with the activity. If you were to just step right […]

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