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Why you shouldn’t eat so late at night and then go to bed.

Posted On February 26th, 2017

‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. A nursery lullaby we all must have sung. If you want to doze off early you must also dine early. No wonder hardly anyone follows the routine of an early dinner. It is said that always sleep after an hour or so […]

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Wavering Resolutions | Week of Failure | Portland Personal Training

Posted On January 21st, 2015

Wavering Resolutions It’s getting on into the latter half of January, which means only one thing: New Year’s Resolutions are starting to come apart at the seams.  The initial commitment and excitement of working out is starting to wear off, and it’s becoming easier and easier to convince yourself that you don’t have to hit […]

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Female Upper Body Strength | Female Runners | Portland Personal Trainer

Posted On December 12th, 2014

Upper body strength in female runners As a group, runners aren’t known for their bulging muscles and incredible strength.  They are more famous for their speedy legs and thin bodies.  However, many recognize the importance of certain kinds of strength.  Core work is fundamental to many running programs, as are leg strengthening exercises. Some runners, especially […]

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Personal Training In Portland | What To Eat Prior To Exercise | Portland, Oregon

Posted On October 23rd, 2013

This is always a big questions with a lot of our clients is: what should we eat before we come to our personal training session. We always give them some certain rules that they should abide by, but sometimes, they are a meeting or an event and the food choices are limited, so it happens. […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | Are All Whole Grains Healthy?

Posted On July 28th, 2013

Just because something says it is healthy or whole grain, does not necessarily mean it is the best thing for our bodies. It seems though that the eating and food trends seem to come in waves, especially when you look at the decades and the fads. In the early 1990’s it was all about low […]

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Portland Personal Trainer: Staying Fit In Portland Oregon At Any Age

Posted On June 10th, 2012

You can bend the changes in your body as you reach 40 through regular exercise. There is a correct exercise regimen for people 40 and above. Personal trainer Portland Oregon can assist you in determining what exercise is suitable for your body type and needs. Portland fitness trainer Kisar Dhillon can help you stay fit, […]

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Portland Fitness Trainer: Importance of a Fitness Coach

Posted On April 23rd, 2012

Importance of a Portland Fitness Trainer   When you commit yourself into serious diet, training and workouts to attain a physically fit body, you might be thinking that you can do all of these alone. Partly, you are correct because your diet plan will rely on you alone and some of the training and workouts […]

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Portland Oregon Fitness: Losing Weight the Natural Way

Posted On February 14th, 2012

Obesity is not only aesthetically undesirable for many people but it is also unhealthy. It is associated with many chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Although obesity can also be caused by hormonal imbalance and genetic factors, it can be mainly controlled by changing lifestyle habits. Contrary to common perceptions, obesity is not mainly the […]

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Aerobic Exercise | Tips for Newbies

Posted On February 11th, 2012

By Kisar Dhillon Most people assume that aerobic exercise is specifically suited for women’s fitness the same way that weight lifting appears more suitable for men’s fitness. What few people realize, however, is that this form of exercise is essential to both men and women. There are many other misconceptions about cardio that have been circulating […]

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Portland Personal Trainer | Is Personal Training Ideal for Children?

Posted On February 9th, 2012

By Kisar Dhillon If you do not help your child now with his battle against obesity, then he is guaranteed to have a greater struggle in his hands as the years pass. Hiring a professional trainer will at least ensure that he does not fall into the kind of daily routine or lifestyle that would promote […]

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