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The Importance of Warming Up Before Working Out

Posted On February 22nd, 2017

‘What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up’. Have the courage to accept the challenge. Usually it is found in the working men and women are moving around exposing their belly fat. If questioned the answer is, we lack in time. It’s time to shed away the lame excuses and move to […]

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Weight Lifting is the Fountain of Youth

Posted On August 21st, 2016

What are some positive aspects of weight lifting? If you were to even look back into the early 1990’s, weightlifting was still a male dominated hobby. It wasn’t until the medical community really started to let individuals know what the significance it has on helping maintain bone density, especially with osteoporosis and osteopenia sufferers. This […]

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Pokémon Go | Getting People Moving

Posted On July 14th, 2016

We have been hearing for many years that obesity has been linked to multimedia activities in both adults and kids. With the popularity of at home units and multiplayer online games, a lot of gamers will not leave their homes or even go outside. For one, we know this is not healthy for the body, […]

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Our New Personal Trainer Thomas Waterman

Posted On June 18th, 2016

Hello Portland, Oregon! I just wanted to let you know that we have an new amazing team member here at The Art of Personal Training and his name is, Thomas Waterman! Thomas brings an extensive amount of experience, knowledge and practical experience to our studio. He has been a personal trainer for over 10 years […]

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The Graphic Designer | Their Movement During The Day

Posted On March 8th, 2016

We all know that we need to move more, especially when we are at work! So many of us who work at place of employment sit at a desk and if you are lucky, it is a standing desk. But not everyone has awesome employers who know the benefit of having a healthy workforce and […]

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What is our Secret Sauce?

Posted On February 18th, 2016

Our Secret Sauces is based on two percentage ingredients: 50% Personal Relationship & 50%Professional Fitness Training We would say most training places focus solely on training and forget the other part: That is why you see so many trainers texting while training clients, not paying attention to their form, or just not giving them the […]

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Corporate Group Personal Training Class | Portland, Oregon

Posted On November 12th, 2015

We have spent almost 4 years at our current location and we are so proud that our clients have been so loyal to us. We knew we wanted to become the best personal training studio in Portland, Oregon that specifically specializes in private, one-on-one personal training and I believe we have achieved that goal. We are […]

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Why is the Burpee so Challenging | Full Body Ballistic Movement

Posted On February 2nd, 2015

The Full Body Burpee Whey is it so challenging? When you mention the word “Burpee” to any fitness enthusiast, they say “Argh”. I do not think there is any one person out there that absolutely loves doing burpees. But one can say, they really do a great job making sure the body is tired, sweating […]

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Tabata | High Intensity Cardio Workouts | Portland, Oregon

Posted On December 31st, 2014

The Tabata Workout No, this isn’t a new and invigorating branch of yoga that involves putting your ear under your foot.  Tabata workouts are incredibly high-intensity cardiovascular workouts that were pioneered in the 1990s by Izumi Tabata.  Essentially, a Tabata workout is a short, high-intensity workout that will help you increase your VO2 max and […]

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What is Active Rest | It Can Help You Exercise Efficiently

Posted On October 16th, 2014

Traditional weightlifting holds that you should do the number of reps required of the set, whether that is five or twenty, and then take a break, the length of which is dependent on the number of reps just performed.  The break is to allow your muscles to relax and recover a bit before stressing them […]

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