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Cardio vs. Weightlifting — Which One Is More Beneficial?

Posted On April 13th, 2017

Since long, a raging debate has been going on between cardio and weightlifting. Previously, the answer to every query regarding weight loss was cardio. However, latest science ends all doubtsby declaring a clear winner. Before that, let’s have a look at the positive and negative sides of both. Cardio Pros — • Various low-intensity workouts […]

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Weight Training for Women | The Positive Benefits | Myths

Posted On August 13th, 2015

Women will Not Bulk up Like a Man! Why are still so many women insisting that if they lift weights or do any type of resistance exercise they are going to get bulky! It is not true! Genetics play a huge role in this, and if you have predisposition to add a certain amount of muscle […]

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What is Active Rest | It Can Help You Exercise Efficiently

Posted On October 16th, 2014

Traditional weightlifting holds that you should do the number of reps required of the set, whether that is five or twenty, and then take a break, the length of which is dependent on the number of reps just performed.  The break is to allow your muscles to relax and recover a bit before stressing them […]

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