What are the most popular diet trends of 2017?

So here are some of the latest diet trends of 2017 which have taken diet planning to a whole new level. Not to know about diet plans and trends, visit www.kisardhillon.com

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Well, we have something really interesting for you; the popular diet trends that creating the buzz in 2017.


Here are some of the great diet trends that’s being talked about worldwide, and definitely needs to be tried:

Fruit and Veggie Spin-Off Dishes

You might have been through the craze of ‘zoodles’ and now what’s catching most of the attention are the Pinterest hyped veggie-rice, watermelon jerky and tasty banana sushi. You might kick-start by biting on a yummy fruit and snack bar, or bars loaded with vegetables or even chips made of beans.

Unusual Greens

The rage for seaweed is quite on rise. Besides being tasty and delicious, its unami flavor adds the cherry on top for sauces and soups.

Yummy vegetarian food, you would gulp down in a jiffy

Probably, you have always dismissed the idea of eating a burger, if you are a pure vegetarian. Not more of that guilty job. With the advent of 2017 diet trend, Beyond Burger has been creating an outrage of enthusiasm. A 100% vegetarian food, this burger actually tastes like meat.

Root and Stem eating

That everybody has have started caring for the environment is well known, but people are giving a new twist to the nature story in the world of diet. People have taken to cooking roots and stems, and it actually tastes good, given the way it is being prepared with a lot other ingredients.

Posted On June 6th, 2017

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